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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Display Advertising

R3 St Louis reaches “hands-on homeowners” who do some repairs themselves but hire professionals to do what they cannot!! We also advise readers when they should attempt a project and when they should hire a Professional! 

R3 St Louis reaches readers each issue who want to learn more about the repair projects they’re working on - or will be working on. They read R3 for this How-To information, but also for info on how to find YOUR products and services! 

We look at our Adverting as "reader content".  Our readers enjoy our articles but look to our advertisers for the professional help they need.

You won’t find a more efficient and targeted advertising vehicle to reach these St. Louis homeowners who are looking to hire you!!!.

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Phone: 314.753.9503

Classified Advertising

Looking to generate leads? Want to efficiently reach new customers?

R3 St. Louis targets readers who do some home repairs and remodeling themselves and hire professionals to do what they cannot!!. You can reach new cuystomers with your message here or in our print publication.

Got questions?  Call us!  We can help with Classified or Display Ad creation.


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